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Belle > Original London Cast

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Show: Belle (aka Belle, or the Ballad of Dr. Crippen)
Music: Monty Norman (14)
Lyrics: Monty Norman (14)
Book: Wolf Mankowitz (6)

Date: 1961
Type: Audio / Stage Cast
Language: English
Location: England / London
Conductor: Monty Norman (14)
Performer: George Benson (8)Jerry Desmonde (4)Rose Hill (9)Davy Kaye (5)Nicolette Roeg (6)Virginia Vernon (2)

Format: Audio File
Label: Stage Door
Released: 2011-12-07
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# Tracks: 20
Format: CD
Label: Must Close Saturday MCSR 3016
Released: 2004
Barcode: 5026107034767
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Length: 48:32
Tracks: Show / Hide Tracks
1. The Ballad of Dr Crippen - Jerry Desmonde
2. Fifty Years Ago - Nicolette Roeg and Company
3. Mister Lasherwood and Mighty Mick - Jerry Desmonde and Davy Kaye
4. Bird of Paradise - Rose Hill
5. Meet Me at the Strand - Nicolette Roeg and Ensemble
6. You Are Mine - Virginia Vernon
7. Colonies - Rose Hill and Girls
8. The Devil's Bandsmen - Davy Kaye and Ensemble
9. The Ballad: 2 - Jerry Desmonde
10. Pills, Pills, Pills - Virginia Vernon, Davy Kaye and Ensemble
11. Ain't It a Shame - Davy Kaye and Ensemble
12. Song of Our Future - George Benson and Virginia Vernon
13. Belle - Nicolette Roeg and Ensemble
14. Lovely London - George Benson, Virginia Vernon and Co
15. The Bravest of Men - Nicolette Roeg, Jerry Desmonde, Davy Kaye and Ensemble
16. A Pint of Wallop - Susan Irvin
17. Fairy Godmother - Davy Kaye and Nicolette Roeg
18. Waltzing With You - Virginia Vernon and Ensemble
19. I Can't Stop Singing - Virginia Vernon
20. Coldwater, Michigan - Davy Kaye and George Benson
21. Don't Ever Leave Me - Virginia Vernon
22. Policeman's Song - Davy Kaye, Jerry Desmonde, Nicolette Roeg and Girls
23. The Ballad: 3 - Jerry Desmonde
24. The Dit-Dit Song - Jerry Desmonde and Ensemble
25. The Minstrel Show - Jerry Desmonde, Rose Hill and Ensemble
26. The Ballad: 4 - Jerry Desmonde
27. Reprise: The Dit-Dit Song - Virginia Vernon and Ensemble
28. The Ballad: 5 - Jerry Desmonde
29. Reprise: The Bravest of Men, or You Can't Beat a British Crime - Company
Format: LP
Label: Decca LK 4397
Audio: Mono
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Format: LP
Label: Decca SKL 4136
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Side A:
1. The ballad Of Doctor Crippen/Fifty Years Ago
2. Mister Lasherwood And Mighty Mick/Bird Of Paradise
3. Meet Me At The Strand
4. You Are Mine
5. Colonies
6. The Devil's Bandsman
7. The Ballad Of Doctor Crippen (2)/Pills, Pills, Pills
8. Ain't It A Shame
9. Song Of Our Future
10. Belle
11. Lovely London
Side B:
1. The Bravest Of Men/A Pint Of Wallop/Fairy Godmother
2. Waltzing With You
3. I Can't Stop Singing
4. Coldwater, Michigan
5. Don't Ever Leave me
6. Policeman's Song
7. The Ballad Of Doctor Crippen (3)/The Dit Dit Song
8. The Minstrel Show/The Ballad Of Doctor Crippen (4)
9. The Dit Dit Song (Reprise)/The Ballad Of Doctor Crippen (5)
10. The Bravest Of Men (Reprise) or You Can't Beat A British Crime
Format: LP
Label: TER 1048
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Lists: 17 collectors / 0 wish lists

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