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Alberto Favero on West Side Story
Alberto Favero
Instrumental Album
This original free and instrumental version of WEST SIDE STORY[s386] was conceived by Alberto Favero for the Jazz cycle that took place in the Auditorium of the College of Fine Arts at the National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina in June 1963. At that time the work for jazz trio, Alberto Favero in piano, Pocho Lapouble and Jorge Ferreira, on drums and bass respectively was performed for the first time. The music of Leonard Bernstein, and the drama of William Shakespeare, wonderful example of inspiration and aesthetics were the starting point for the interpretation of jazz musicians from all around the world, and constituted an inexhaustible source of pleasure and aesthetic happiness, because not only the effectiveness of this musical masterpiece (where the most popular songs were Maria and America) but also the infallible Shakespearean story. If we gather the design and general direction of Jerome Robbins, a young Stephen Sondheim, lyricist of songs, the intervention on Broadway by Harold Prince as a producer, and that wild, unstoppable and unforgettable music of Leonard Bernstein, we will have the unique recipe and the magic of how to make a classic of all time. The registration of this CDalbum was done "live"live at the Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaArgentina, in May 2013. The arrangements in this version were adapted for a Jazz Quartet.
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Teatro Gran Rex, Buenos AiresRex
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Argentina / Buenos Aires
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[p20291 Favero, Alberto]
[p126245 Puertas, Arturo]
[p126244 Mayor, Marcello]
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