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She's So Beautiful: Irving Berlin Songs for Florenz Ziegfeld 1910-1927 and Other Songs from 1919-1921 - Benjamin Sears & Bradford ConnerCDOakton ORCD0007
Noel & Cole - Benjamin Sears, Bradford Conner, Valerie Anastasio, Tim HarboldSound Clips2000-09-01CDOakton ORCD1001
Reaching for the Moon: Songs by Irving Berlin, 1925-1935 - Benjamin Sears & Brad Conner2014-02-18CDOakton Recordings 1359824
Fred & Ethel: The Great Songs of Fred Astaire and Ethel Merman - Benjamin Sears2008-08-05CDOakton Recordings OR1002
Everybody Step: Irving Berlin's Music Box Revues and Other Songs from 1921-1925 - Benjamin Sears and Bradford ConnerSound Clips2005-10-18CDOakton Recordings ORCD 00008
Come On and Hear! Early Songs By Irving Berlin (1909-1915) - Benjamin Sears & Bradford Conner1994CDOakton Recordings ORCD0001
Keep On Smiling: Songs by Irving Berlin 1915-1918 - Benjamin Sears and Bradford ConnerSound Clips1996-09-17CDOakton Recordings ORCD0003
Sweet and Low-Down: Songs by George Gershwin - Benjamin Sears and Bradford ConnerSound Clips1997-09-23CDOakton Recordings ORCD0004
Beyond the Rainbow - Benjamin Sears and Bradford Conner1997CDOakton Recordings ORCD0005
Rest You Merry: A Holiday Cabaret - Benjamin Sears & Bradford Conner1997CDOakton Recordings ORCD0006
Marching Along With Time: Words and Music by Irving Berlin - The Smart Set2011CDOakton Recordings ORCD0009