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Evening Primrose - TV Cast2008-04-21CDKritzerland
Illya Darling - Original Broadway CastCDKritzerland
House of Flowers - Off-Broadway Cast2009CDKritzerland
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Film Soundtrack
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Studio Cast
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Composer Demo
Live at Sterling's Upstairs at the Federal - Juliana HansenCDKritzerland
A Time For Singing - Original Broadway Cast2013-04CDKritzerland
The People in the Picture - Original Broadway Cast2011-09-27CDKritzerland
And the World Goes 'Round: The Songs of Kander and Ebb - Studio CastSound Clips2014-102-CDKritzerland
Welcome To My World - Original CastSound Clips2015-10CDKritzerland
Souvenir - Kay ColeSound Clips2017-02CDKritzerland
The Crucible - New York City OperaSound Clips2017-112-CDKritzerland
Illya Darling - Original Broadway Cast2009-05CDKritzerland 19103
After the Ball - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2005-07-21CDKritzerland 20010-1
Stages - Original Cast
Together Again - Original Cast
Sound Clips2005-09-13CDKritzerland 20010-2
The Last Starfighter - Original CastSound Clips2005-11-15CDKritzerland 200104
Strouse, Schwartz, And Schwartz - S.T.A.G.E. ConcertSound Clips2006-04-112-CDKritzerland 200106
Simply Sondheim: A 75th Birthday Salute - Concert CastSound Clips2006-09-052-CDKritzerland 200108
Raw at Town Hall - Alice Ripley and Emily SkinnerSound Clips2006-12-192-CDKritzerland 200110
The Brain From Planet X - Original LA CastSound Clips2007-02-27CDKritzerland 200111
At the Movies - David ShireSound Clips2007-06-12CDKritzerland 200113
Promises, Promises - Original Broadway Cast2010-082-CDKritzerland 20015-9
Eubie! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2016-04-15CDKritzerland 20030-5
The Gang's All Here - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2017-01CDKritzerland 20031-2
Expresso Bongo - Original London CastSound Clips2017-12CDKritzerland 20032-8
The First Nudie Musical - Film2011-10BlurayKritzerland KL-20019-8
Junior High School - Film2012-09BlurayKritzerland KL-20022-2
New Guy In Town - Guy HainesSound Clips2005-07-26CDKritzerland KR 20010-0
Night and Days - Kevin SpirtasSound Clips2007-06-12CDKritzerland KR 20010-5
Night and Days - Kevin Spirtas2006-07-24DVDKritzerland KR 20010-7
Taking a Chance on Love: Live On Valentine's Day - Milla IlievaSound Clips2007-07-24CDKritzerland KR 20011-4
Une Chambre en ville - Soundtrack2007-11-192-CDKritzerland KR 20011-5
A Child Is Born - Studio Cast
A Christmas Carol - TV Soundtrack
2008CDKritzerland KR 20011-9
Illya Darling - Original Broadway CastCDKritzerland KR 20012-4
House of Flowers - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2009-06-01CDKritzerland KR 20012-6
Cry For Us All - Original Broadway Cast2009-11CDKritzerland KR 20013-6
Promises, Promises - Original Broadway Cast2010-08CDKritzerland KR 20015-9
Promises, Promises - Original London CastSound Clips2010-09-07CDKritzerland KR 20016-3
Billy Barnes' L.A. - Los Angeles Cast2010-09-21CDKritzerland KR 20016-4
Sugar - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-10-122-CDKritzerland KR 20016-7
Gone With the Wind - Original London Cast Members2011-03CDKritzerland KR 20018-2
Carnival - Original London Cast2011-05CDKritzerland KR 200183
Camelot - Original London Cast2011-06CDKritzerland KR 200184
Perfect Hermany - Jason Graae2011-08-02CDKritzerland KR 20019-4
The Good Old Bad Old Days - Original London Cast2012-05CDKritzerland KR 20019-9
Inside Out - Original Off-Broadway Cast2011-12-13CDKritzerland KR 20020-0
The First Nudie Musical - Soundtrack2011-11-05CDKritzerland KR 20020-6
Melodyland - Melody Hollis2011-12-13CDKritzerland KR 20020-7
Blame It On Bacharach - S.T.A.G.E. Concert2012CDKritzerland KR 20021-7
Junior High School - Soundtrack2012-09CDKritzerland KR 20023-0
Follies - Original Broadway Cast2012-08CDKritzerland KR 20023-3
Simply - Sandy BainumSound Clips2013-10-10CDKritzerland KR 20026-8
Centennial Summer - SoundtrackSound Clips2014-09CDKritzerland KR 20028-3
Classical Broadway - Various ArtistsSound Clips2015CDKritzerland KR 20029-5
Stormy Weather - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2015-042-CDKritzerland KR 20029-7
Sun Valley Serenade / Orchestra Wives
Sun Valley Serenade - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
Orchestra Wives - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2016-062-CDKritzerland KR 20030-7
L.A. Now and Then - Original CastSound Clips2016-06CDKritzerland KR 20030-9
Unsung Sherman Brothers: Song scores from Three that Got Away
The 13 Clocks - Demo
Sir Puss-in-Boots - Demo
Roman Holiday - Demo
Sound Clips2016-11-18CDKritzerland KR 20031-5
Anya - Original Broadway Cast2009-04CDKritzerland KR-20012-2
It Might Be Fun - Sandy BainumSound Clips2014-11CDKritzerland KR-20029-2
Harvey Schmidt Plays Jones & Schmidt - Harvey SchmidtSound Clips2005-09-13CDKritzerland KR20010-3
Show Girl - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-06CDKritzerland KR200129
The Night They Raided Minsky's - Soundtrack2009-09CDKritzerland KR200134
Bukowsical! - Original Cast2010-12CDKritzerland KR200174
The People in the Picture - Original Broadway Cast2011-12-15CDKritzerland KR20020-8
By Side By Side By Side By Sondheim - S.T.A.G.E. Concert2012-052-CDKritzerland KR200218
The Perfect Year: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber - S.T.A.G.E. Concert2012-052-CDKritzerland KR200219