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Step into the Light / Leap of Faith - Original CastSound ClipsCDAdam Jay 397244571
Spectacle - Original CastSound Clips2020-02-21Audio FileAshley Griffin/Evan Jay Newman
Fly Right - Craig Schneider And The Fly Right Trio2009-02CDCeejays Music CJCD002
Summer Holiday - Film SoundtrackLPFour Jays HW-602
People Like Us - Concert Cast9999CDJay
They're Playing Our Song - Original London CastSound Clips1997-06-24CDJay 1256
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris - London CastSound Clips1997-08-262-CDJay 1260
West Side Story - Studio CastSound Clips1997-08-262-CDJay 1261
Singin' in the Rain - London Studio CastSound Clips1997-09-23CDJay 1262
Bitter Sweet - London CastSound Clips1999-03-092-CDJay 1264
The Rink - Original London CastSound Clips1997-10-21CDJay 1265
Showstoppers from Broadway - Various ArtistsSound Clips1997-10-213-CDJay 1266
What About Luv? - London Studio CastSound Clips1997-11-25CDJay 1267
Nick and Nora - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1997-11-25CDJay 1268
The Merry Widow - New Sadler's Wells OperaSound Clips1997-11-18CDJay 1270
Count of Luxembourg - Sadler's Wells TheatreSound Clips1997-11-18CDJay 1271
Scrooge - Birmingham CastSound Clips1997-10-14CDJay 1272
Grind - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1998-03-31CDJay 1274
The King and I - Studio Cast (Christopher Lee & Valerie Masterson)Sound Clips1998-02-032-CDJay 1276
My Fair Lady - Studio CastSound Clips1998-03-312-CDJay 1277
Lady in the Dark - Original London CastSound Clips1998-05-05CDJay 1278
Wonderful Town - Studio CastSound Clips1998-11-032-CDJay 1281
110 in the Shade - Studio CastSound Clips1999-03-09CDJay 1282
Listen to the Wind - London CastSound Clips1998-06-09CDJay 1283
Sweet Charity - Studio CastSound Clips1998-07-072-CDJay 1284
Thomas and the King - Original London Cast MembersSound Clips1998-06-09CDJay 1285
On the Boulevard - Liliane MontevecchiSound Clips1998-06-09CDJay 1286
The Slow Drag - Original London CastSound Clips1998-09-01CDJay 1287
Pal Joey - London CastSound Clips1998-07-07CDJay 1288
The Boy Friend - London CastSound Clips1998-09-01CDJay 1289
Birds of Paradise - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1999-04-13CDJay 1290
Good News! - Studio CastSound Clips1996-04-09CDJay 1291
Jesus Christ Superstar - Studio CastSound Clips1996-04-092-CDJay 1292
Grease - London Studio CastSound Clips1996-04-09CDJay 1293
Guys and Dolls - London Studio CastSound Clips1996-06-182-CDJay 1294
Camelot - London CastSound Clips1996-06-18CDJAY 1295
Kiss Me, Kate - Studio CastSound Clips1996-06-182-CDJay 1296
Annie Get Your Gun - London Studio CastSound Clips1996-07-092-CDJay 1297
Oliver! - London Studio CastSound Clips1996-07-09CDJay 1298
The Rocky Horror Show - Studio CastSound Clips1996-07-09CDJay 1299
Sullivan & Co - Various ArtistsSound Clips1998-08-25CDJay 1302
Amahl and the Night Visitors - Studio CastSound Clips1998-09-15CDJay 1303
The Most Happy Fella - Studio CastSound Clips2000-08-083-CDJay 1306
Snoopy - Original London CastSound Clips1998-09-01CDJay 1307
I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It On the Road - Original London CastSound Clips1999-01-12CDJay 1308
Carousel Waltz & Other Waltzes from the Musical Theatre - CompilationSound Clips1999-01-12CDJay 1310
Cabaret - London Studio CastSound Clips1999-02-092-CDJay 1311
Sondheim Tonight - London Concert CastSound Clips1999-09-142-CDJay 1313
What I Did for Love - Caroline O'ConnorSound Clips1998-10-06CDJay 1314
Triumph of Love - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1998-10-20CDJay 1315
My Broadway - Sean McDermottSound Clips1999-05-04CDJay 1316
Back to Before - Kim CriswellSound Clips1999-02-09CDJay 1317
Personals - Original London CastSound Clips1999-03-09CDJay 1319
The Mikado - English National OperaSound Clips1999-05-18CDJay 1321
H.M.S. Pinafore - Sadler's Wells OperaSound Clips1999-07-132-CDJay 1324
Baby - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1999-08-10CDJay 1325
Nightingale - Original London CastSound Clips1999-08-10CDJay 1327
The Rink - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1999-09-14CDJay 1328
Simply Barbra - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1999-09-14CDJay 1329
Orpheus In The Underworld - English National OperaSound Clips1999-09-14CDJay 1331
Reflections From Broadway - John BarrowmanSound Clips2000-02-15CDJay 1333
Flora the Red Menace - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2000-02-15CDJay 1336
Dames at Sea - London CastSound Clips2000-03-14CDJay 1339
Ruddigore - Sadler's Wells OperaSound Clips2000-03-142-CDJay 1340
The Wizard Of Oz - London CastSound Clips2000-04-18CDJay 1341
In The Still Of The Night - George DvorskySound Clips2000-06-13CDJay 1343
Hannah... 1939 - Original Cast membersSound Clips2000-06-13CDJay 1344
Valmouth - Chichester Festival CastSound Clips2000-08-29CDJay 1345
Richard Rodgers: Three Ballets - John MauceriSound Clips2000-09-26CDJay 1349
The Biograph Girl - Original London CastSound Clips2000-12-05CDJay 1350
Peg - Original London CastSound Clips2000-12-05CDJay 1351
Peter Pan - TV CastSound Clips2000-11-14CDJay 1352
I and Albert - Original London Cast MembersSound Clips2001-02-06CDJay 1353
The Shakespeare Revue - Original London CastSound Clips2001-06-052-CDJay 1354
Goodbye, Mr. Chips - Chichester Festival CastSound Clips2001-06-05CDJay 1355
Guys and Dolls - London Studio CastSound Clips2001-06-05CDJay 1356
Another Kind Of Magic : Queen - A Symphonic Spectacular - Various ArtistsSound Clips20012-CDJay 1357
So Far... - Susan EganSound Clips2002-03-19CDJay 1359
I Remember Mama - Original Cast MembersSound Clips2002-07-16CDJay 1360
Simple Song - Matt BogartSound Clips2002-10-22CDJay 1364
Roadside - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2002-09-03CDJay 1366
The Prince And The Pauper - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2003-02-04CDJay 1368
A Man Of No Importance - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2003-04-15CDJay 1369
Prodigal - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2003-06-03CDJay 1370
Piece of Sky - Sean McDermottSound Clips2003-07-01CDJay 1371
70, Girls, 70 - Original London CastSound Clips2003-08-05CDJay 1372
Anything Goes - Studio CastSound Clips2004-02-03CDJay 1374
A Marvellous Party: The Music of Noel Coward & Friends - Piccadilly Dance OrchestraSound Clips2004-02-03CDJay 1375
The Musical of Musicals - The Musical! - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2004CDJay 1376
Destry Rides Again - Original London CastSound Clips2004-05-04CDJay 1377
I Sing! - York Theatre CastSound Clips2004-07-062-CDJay 1378
Lucky Stiff - Concert CastSound Clips2004-10-05CDJay 1379
Something To Dance About: The Music of Irving Berlin - Kim CriswellSound Clips2004-07-13CDJay 1380
Pacific Overtures - Original London CastSound Clips2004-09-07CDJay 1382
Children's Letters to God - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2005-01-04CDJay 1385
A Christmas Carol - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2004-12-21CDJay 1386
Brigadoon - Studio CastSound Clips2005-03-08CDJay 1387
NEO (New, Emerging... Outstanding!) - Concert CastSound Clips2005-05-102-CDJay 1389
Yours, Anne - Original Off-Broadway CastSound ClipsCDJay 1391
Dessa Rose - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2005-12-132-CDJay 1392
Defying Gravity - Debbie GravitteSound Clips2006-01-10CDJay 1393
Show Boat - Studio CastSound Clips2006-03-142-CDJay 1394
Lingoland - York Theatre CastSound Clips2006-06-232-CDJay 1395
Summer of '42 - Concert CastSound Clips2007-03-132-CDJay 1396
Loving Repeating - Chicago CastSound Clips2007-01-19CDJay 1397
I Believe My Heart: Broadway Duets with All My Leading Men - Laurie Gayle StephensonSound Clips2007-06-12CDJay 1398
Joanna Ampil - Joanna AmpilSound Clips2007-11-13CDJay 1399
Busker Alley - York Theatre CastSound Clips2007-11-13CDJay 1400
My Personal Property - Christiane NollSound Clips2008-08-12CDJay 1401
The Gig - Concert CastSound Clips2008-08-12CDJay 1402
Anne of Green Gables - Original CastSound Clips2008-12-09CDJay 1404
That Time of the Year - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2009-11-102-CDJay 1405
Make Believe - Robyn NorthSound Clips2008-10CDJay 1406
The Glorious Ones - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2008-12-09CDJay 1407
The People vs. Mona - Concert CastSound Clips2009-05-12CDJay 1408
Oliver! - London Studio CastSound Clips2009-11-10CDJay 1409
Enter Laughing - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2010-08-10CDJay 1417
Unusual Way - Glory CramptonSound Clips2010-08-10CDJay 1418
All the Love I Have: Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber - CompilationSound Clips2010-08-10CDJay 1419
Seussical - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2010-09-14CDJay 1420
It Is Really Me
Is It Really Me ? - Marilyn Hill Smith
Sound Clips2011-03-07CDJay 1422
The Road To Qatar! - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2011-11-08CDJay 1423
All Through the Night - George DvorskySound Clips2012-06-12CDJay 1424
Closer Than Ever - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2013-07-082-CDJay 1427
Man of La Mancha - Covent Garden Festival Concert CastSound Clips2001-03-062-CDJay 2 1304
The Fantasticks - Kings College Cast, WimbledonCDJay 8007
I Won't Grow Up: Broadway for Kids - Various ArtistsSound Clips2001-10-30CDJay 9001
Musicality of Lloyd Webber - Studio CastSound Clips2002-03-05CDJay 9003
The Musicality of Lerner & Loewe - Various ArtistsSound Clips2002-03-05CDJay 9004
The Musicality of Sondheim - Studio CastSound Clips2002-05-07CDJay 9006
The Musicality of Porter - Compilation AlbumSound Clips2003-01-21CDJay 9010
The Musicality of Novello - CompilationSound Clips2002-08-03CDJay 9011
Aspects of Lloyd Webber - John BarrowmanSound Clips2007-06-12CDJay 9015
Stars of the Musicals - CompilationCDJay CD JAY 8008
Candide - Scottish OperaSound Clips1997-08-26CDJay CDJAY 1257
Countess Maritza - London Studio CastSound Clips1997-08-26CDJay CDJAY 1258
Divorce Me, Darling! - Chichester CastSound Clips1998-02-03CDJay CDJAY 1273
Bugsy Malone - London CastSound Clips1998-05-05CDJay CDJAY 1275
Oliver! - London Studio CastCDJay CDJAY 1298
From Stage to Screen - Caroline O'ConnorSound Clips2001-06-05CDJay CDJAY 1305
Live In New York - Elisabeth WelchSound Clips1999-01-12CDJAY CDJAY 1309
Broadway Passion - Ron RainesSound Clips1998-10-06CDJAY CDJAY 1312
A Little Bit In Love: Broadway Love Songs - VariousSound Clips1999-02-09CDJay CDJAY 1320
Does The Moment Ever Come? - Graham BickleySound Clips1999-08-10CDJay CDJAY 1326
On Broadway - Salena JonesSound Clips1999-10-12CDJay CDJAY 1330
I'm the Greatest Star!: The Overtures of Jule Styne, Vol. 2 - Jack Everly and the RCA Victor Symphony OrchestraCDJay CDJAY 1335
Let Him Have Justice - Original London CastSound Clips2000-04-25CDJay CDJAY 1337
The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby - Television CastSound Clips2000-10-03CDJay CDJAY 1348
On Your Toes - Revival CastSound Clips2002-07-16CDJay CDJAY 1361
Simple Song - Matt BogartSound Clips2008CDJAY CDJAY 1364
The It Girl - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2002-10-01CDJAY CDJAY 1365
Kooky Tunes - Original Off Broadway CastSound Clips2002-11-05CDJay CDJAY 1367
Anything Goes - Sally Ann TriplettSound Clips2003-11-04CDJay CDJAY 1373
Something To Dance About: The Music of Irving Berlin - Kim CriswellSound Clips2004-08-16CDJay CDJAY 1381
So In Love With Broadway - Ron RainesSound Clips2004-11-02CDJay CDJAY 1384
Opening Doors - Doug LaBrecqueSound Clips2005-04-12CDJay CDJAY 1388
Bashville - Original London CastSound Clips2005-07-12CDJay CDJAY 1390
One Night With You - Simon BowmanSound Clips2009-03-10CDJAY CDJAY 1403
The Scottsboro Boys - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2010-10-12CDJay CDJAY 1421
Gay's the Word - London CastSound Clips2013-04-09CDJay CDJAY 1425
The Postman and the Poet - Concept AlbumSound Clips2013-03-122-CDJay CDJAY 1426
The Scottsboro Boys - Original London CastSound Clips2015-08-07CDJay CDJAY 1433
Free as Air - London CastSound Clips9999CDJay CDJAY 1439
This Is The Moment - Darren DaySound Clips2016-01-15CDJay CDJAY 1440
A Taste of Broadway - Various ArtistsSound Clips1997CDJay CDJAY 8001
Broadway: The Concert - Various ArtistsSound ClipsCDJAY CDJAY 8002
More West End The Concert - Various ArtistsCDJAY CDJAY 8004
Bravo Broadway! - VariousCDJay CDJAY 8005
The Most Happy Fella - Studio Cast2000CDJAY CDJAY 8006
West End: The New Generation - VariousCDJay CDJAY 8009
Bravo Broadway! II - VariousSound ClipsCDJay CDJAY 8010
Sally Ann Triplett - Sally Ann TriplettSound Clips2003-06-16CDJAY CDJAY 8011
The Best Of The West End - VariousSound ClipsCDJay CDJAY 8013
The Musicality of Youmans - Various ArtistsSound Clips2015-11CDJay CDJAY 9017
The Student Prince - Studio CastSound Clips1997-05-272-CDJAY CDJAY2 1252
Song of Norway - London Studio CastSound Clips1997-05-272-CDJay CDJAY2 1253
The Cradle Will Rock - Original London CastSound Clips1999-05-042-CDJay CDJAY2 1300
The Baker's Wife - Original London CastSound Clips1999-06-012-CDJay CDJAY2 1323
Jerry's Girls - Original CastSound Clips1999-10-122-CDJay CDJAY2 1332
Nine - London Concert CastSound Clips2009-11-172-CDJay CDJAY2 1410
Thérèse Raquin - Original London CastSound Clips2015-10-022-CDJay CDJAY2 1435
Charlotte Sweet - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2016-04-082-CDJay CDJAY2 1441
Free As Air - Original London Cast
Free as Air - London Cast
Sound Clips2020-072-CDJay CDJAY2 1459
The Musicality of Rodgers and Hammerstein - Studio CastSound Clips2002-07-16CDJay CDJAZ 9008
Musicality of Rodgers and Hart - Studio castSound Clips2003-09-02CDJay CDJAZ 9013
The Musicality of Strouse - Studio CastSound Clips2005-09-13CDJay CDJAZ 9014
The Swan Down Gloves - Original London CastSound Clips2007-07-10CDJay CDTER 1017
Pacific 1860 - Original London CastSound Clips2007CD-RJay CDTER 1040
The Irving Berlin Songbook - Elisabeth WelchSound Clips1995-07-14CDJAY CDVIR 8305
This Thing Called Love - Elisabeth WelchSound Clips1995-07-14CDJAY CDVIR 8309
Sings The Jerome Kern Songbook
The Jerome Kern Songbook - Elisabeth Welch
Sound Clips1995-07-14CDJAY CDVIR 8310
Live In New York - Elisabeth WelchSound Clips2008-07-21CDJAY CDVIR 8313
Bertice - Bertice ReadingSound Clips2008CD-RJay DDJAY 7001
Tom Foolery - Original London CastSound Clips2007CD-RJay DDJAY 7002
Pull Both Ends - Original London CastCD-RJay DDJAY 7002
Twang! - Original London Cast2011CD-RJay DDJAY 7004
The Boy Friend - London Cast2011CD-RJay DDJAY 7005
In With the Old - Radio CastSound Clips2012-03-07CD-RJay DDJAY 8011
Remember These: Songs from "Treasure Girl" & "Chee-Chee" - Betty ComdenSound Clips2014-09-15CD-RJay DDJAY 8032
Songs from Sunset Boulevard - Studio CastSound Clips2018-07-20CD SingleJay DDJAY8000
The Musicality of Kern - Studio CastSound Clips2002-06-11CDJay JAZ 9005
The Musicality of Berlin - Studio CastSound Clips2002CDJay JAZ 9007
The Musicality of Kander and Ebb - CompilationSound Clips2003CDJAY JAZ 9012
Show Tunes! - Compilation2009CDJAY SPJAY 6002
Godspell - London Studio CastSound ClipsCDJay / Showtime SHOW CD012
Pendragon - Original CastSound Clips2000-10-022-CDJay Productions CDJAY2 1346
H.M.S. Pinafore - Sadler's Wells Opera1992CDJay Productions DDD 606
The Mikado - New D'Oyly Carte Opera Company1992CDJay Productions DDD 608
The Hired Man - Concert CastSound Clips2007Audio FileJay Records
More Simple Songs - Matt Bogart2003-05-13CDJay Records
Från Broadway Till Duvemåla - Various ArtistsSound Clips1997CDJay Records
Peter Pan - Studio Cast1998CDJay Records
Peter Pan - TV Cast1998CDJay Records
I'm a Stranger Here Myself
One Touch of Venus - Studio Cast
2012-01-27Audio FileJay Records
The Musicality of Sondheim, Vol. 2 - Various ArtistsCDJay Records
Anyone Can Whistle - Studio Cast99993-CDJay Records
Everybody Says Don't / Don't Ballet
Anyone Can Whistle - Studio Cast
2013-07-02Audio FileJay Records
The Last Session - London Cast2013-12-02CD-RJay Records
Merman's Apprentice - Original CastSound Clips2016-01-22CDJay Records
Songs from Ragtime - Broadway Revival CastCD-RJay Records
The Broadway Tenors - Various ArtistsSound Clips2017-09CDJAY Records
Salad Days - London Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Oklahoma! - London CastSound Clips2018-01-31Audio FileJay Records
Pal Joey - London CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Underneath the Arches - Original London CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Original London CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Mr. Cinders - London CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
The Biograph Girl - Original London CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off - London Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Audio FileJay Records
The Music Man - Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Grease - London Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
The Pajama Game - London Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
The Student Prince - Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Audio FileJay Records
Dames at Sea - London CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
The Fantasticks - Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
The Girl Friend - Colchester CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Brigadoon - Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Once On This Island - Original London CastSound Clips2018-01-31Audio FileJay Records
The Hired Man - Concert CastSound Clips2018-01-31Jay Records
Kiss Me, Kate - Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-30Jay Records
Sweet Charity - Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-16Jay Records
Hair - Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-16Jay Records
Singin' in the Rain - London Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-01Jay Records
Jesus Christ Superstar - Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-01Jay Records
The Rocky Horror Show - Studio CastSound Clips2016-08-12Audio FileJay Records
On the Town - Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-30Jay Records
They're Playing Our Song - Original London CastSound Clips2017-06-01Jay Records
Annie - Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-16Jay Records
Godspell - London Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-16Audio FileJay Records
42nd Street - London Studio CastSound Clips2015-10-17Jay Records
Oliver! - London Studio CastSound Clips2015-10-17Jay Records
South Pacific - London Studio CastSound Clips2015-10-17Jay Records
Guys and Dolls - London Studio CastSound Clips2015-10-17Jay Records
Kismet - London Studio CastSound Clips2015-10-17Jay Records
Gigi - Studio CastSound Clips2015-10-17Jay Records
Camelot - London CastSound Clips2015-10-17Jay Records
The Boy Friend - London CastSound Clips2015-10-17Jay Records
Fiddler on the Roof - Studio CastSound Clips2018-01-31Audio FileJay Records
Unexpected Joy - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2018-08-31CDJay Records
Neurosis - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2019-05-17CDJay Records
R.R.R.E.D. a Secret Musical - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2019-09CDJay Records
The Dancing Years - London Studio CastSound Clips2018-12-072-CDJay Records
Step Inside Love - Aimie AtkinsonSound Clips2016-10-28Audio FileJAY Records
Lovesong - Studio CastSound Clips9999CDJay Records
Divorce Me, Darling! - Chichester CastSound Clips1997-11-22Audio FileJay Records
Overtures of Broadway - Compilation AlbumSound Clips1996-08-013-CDJay Records 1230
On the Town - Studio CastSound Clips1996-10-292-CDJay Records 1231
Street Scene - English National OperaSound Clips1996-10-292-CDJay Records 1232
Calamity Jane - Studio CastSound Clips1996-10-012-CDJay Records 1234
The Phantom Of The Opera - Studio Cast
Sunset Boulevard - Studio Cast
Sound Clips1996-10-01CDJay Records 1235
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off - London Studio CastSound Clips1996-10-01CDJay Records 1236
Goblin Market - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-11-19CDJay Records 1237
Olympus on My Mind - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-11-19CDJay Records 1238
3 Guys Naked from the Waist Down - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-11-19CDJay Records 1239
Oklahoma! - London CastSound Clips1997-02-18CDJay Records 1240
A Little Night Music - Studio CastSound Clips1996-12-17CDJay Records 1241
Once On This Island - Original London CastSound Clips1997-02-18CDJay Records 1243
The Threepenny Opera - London CastSound Clips1997-02-18CDJay Records 1244
Merrily We Roll Along - Leicester CastSound Clips1997-03-112-CDJay Records 1245
South Pacific - London Studio CastSound Clips1997-03-112-CDJay Records 1246
Godspell - London Studio CastSound Clips1997-03-11CDJay Records 1247
Metropolis - Original London CastSound Clips1997-04-222-CDJay Records 1248
Noël and Gertie - Original London CastSound Clips1997-04-22CDJay Records 1249
The Pajama Game - London Studio CastSound Clips1997-04-222-CDJay Records 1250
Kismet - London Studio CastSound Clips1997-05-272-CDJay Records 1251
Leading Men Don't Dance - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1997-09-23CDJay Records 1253
Starting Here, Starting Now - Original London CastSound Clips1997-06-24CDJay Records 1254
Nunsense - Original London CastSound Clips1997-06-24CDJay Records 1255
Peter Pan - Studio CastSound Clips1998-02-03CDJay Records 1280
One Touch of Venus - Studio CastSound Clips2014-05-132-CDJay Records 1362
The Last Session - London CastSound Clips2014-05-13CDJay Records CDJAY 1429
Himself and Nora - Original NJ CastSound Clips2014-06-10CDJay Records CDJAY 1430
Same Place: Another Time - Donna McKechnieSound Clips2015-05-26CDJay Records CDJAY 1431
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - London Studio Cast
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2015-07-16CDJay Records CDJAY 1436
Tales of Tinseltown - Concept AlbumSound Clips2016-04-08CDJay Records CDJAY 1442
Ludlow Ladd: The Poor Little Orphan Boy - Reading Cast2016-04CDJay Records CDJAY 1443
Rothschild & Sons - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2016-07-25CDJay Records CDJAY 1444
Six Wives - Concert CastSound Clips2017-09-08CDJay Records CDJAY 1446
Cockeyed Optimist: Songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein - Jenn GambateseSound Clips2017-02-09CDJAY Records CDJAY 1447
Christmas in Hell - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2019-12-06CDJay Records CDJAY 1456
Something's Afoot - Studio CastSound Clips2020-03-19CDJay Records CDJAY 1458
More Simple Songs - Matt BogartSound Clips2003CDJay Records CDJAY 8012
Amahl and the Night Visitors - Studio Cast2017CDJay Records CDJAY-D 1449
Pageant - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2015-06-22CDJay Records CDJAY1434
Different Stages - Kane AlexanderSound ClipsCDJAY Records CDJAY14478
The Landing - Original CastSound Clips2016-042-CDJay Records CDJAY2 1432
Pacific Overtures - Original London Cast20162-CDJay Records CDJAY2 1437
Cinderella - Original London CastSound Clips2018-09CDJay Records DDJAY 8032
A Little Night Music - Studio CastSound Clips2019CDJay Records DDJAY 8034
Songs from Ragtime - Broadway Revival CastSound Clips2011-09-08CDJay Records DDJAY8010
Evita - Studio Cast
Sunset Boulevard - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2017-10CDJAY Records DDJAY8100
Little Women - Studio CastSound Clips2008-11-25CDJay Richards Music
A Little Night Music - Studio Cast1996CDShowstoppers / Jay Records M-2-0793
West End The Concert
Smash Hits From Broadway - Various Artists
1995CDTER Limited/JAY Productions Ltd. CDTEM 1235
Exodus To Jazz - Eddie HarrisSound ClipsCDVee Jay Recordings VJ-019
The Flamingos Meet The Moonglows: On The Dusty Road Of Hits - The Flamingos and The MoonglowsLPVee Jay Records LP 1052
Half And Half - Eddie HarrisLPVee Jay Records LP 3037
Sings - Bill HendersonSound ClipsLPVee Jay Records LP1015
For The Sweet Taste Of Love - Harry "Sweets" EdisonLPVee Jay Records LPS-1104
Bill Henderson - Bill HendersonSound ClipsLPVee Jay Records SR 1031
Live at "The Losers" - Ann Richards and the Bill Marx Trio1963LPVee Jay Records SR 1070
Introducing Wayne Shorter - Wayne ShorterLPVee Jay Records VEE JAY LP 3006
Go - Paul ChambersSound ClipsLPVee Jay Records VJLP 1014
Jazz's Great "Walker" - Leroy VinnegarLPVee Jay Records VJLP 2502
It's A Wonderful World - Victor FeldmanLPVee Jay Records VJLP 2507
Exodus To Jazz - Eddie HarrisLPVee Jay Records VJLP 3016
Sings I Believe In You - Sam FletcherLPVee Jay Records VJLP-1094
Love Me With All Your Heart - Victor FeldmanLPVee Jay Records VJLP-1096
We Remember Mildred Bailey - Mavis Rivers & Red NorvoLPVee Jay Records VJLP-1132
Damita Jo Sings! - Damita JoLPVee Jay Records VJLP-1137
Second Genesis - Wayne ShorterSound ClipsLPVee Jay Records VJS 3057
Eddie Harris Goes To The Movies - Eddie HarrisLPVee Jay Records VJSR 3031
Black Nativity - Studio Cast1992-01-01CDVee-Jay NVG2-501
Black Nativity - Studio CastLPVee-Jay SR 5022
My Favorite Songs From Mary Poppins and Other Songs to Delight - Ray Walston and His Favorite Children's ChorusLPVee-Jay VJLP-1110
My Favorite Songs From Mary Poppins and Other Songs to Delight - Ray Walston and His Favorite Children's ChorusLPVee-Jay VJS-1110
Black Nativity - Studio Cast1964LPVee-Jay VJS-8503