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December Songs - Andrea MarcovicciSound Clips1994-02-24CDCabaret Records 3001
In a Very Unusual Way - Karen AkersSound Clips1994-10-14CDCabaret Records 5002
Just Kern - Andrea MarcovicciSound Clips1994-09-19CDCabaret Records 5005
Seeker of Wisdom and Truth - Weslia WhitfieldSound Clips1995-05-31CDCabaret Records 5012-2
Julie Wilson Live From the Russian Tea Room - Julie Wilson1995-05-31CDCabaret Records 5015-2
The Mimi Hines Albums
Mimi Hines Sings - Mimi Hines
Mimi Hines Is a Happening - Mimi Hines
Sound Clips1995-05-31CDCabaret Records 5017
New Words - Andrea MarcovicciSound Clips1996-01-30CDCabaret Records 5018
What Is Love? - Andrea MarcovicciSound Clips1992-06-30CDCabaret Records 5022
Live from London - Andrea MarcovicciSound Clips1998-04-14CDCabaret Records 5023
Some Other Time: Marcovicci Sings Mabel Mercer - Andrea MarcovicciSound Clips1998-10-13CDCabaret Records 5024
Marcovicci Sings Movies - Andrea Marcovicci1998-10-13CDCabaret Records 5025
Here There & Everywhere - Andrea MarcovicciSound Clips2000-09-19CDCabaret Records 5026
I'll Be Seeing You: Love Songs of World War II - Andrea MarcovicciSound Clips1994-10-11CDCabaret Records 6001
What Matters Most - Tom PostilioSound Clips1994-10-24CDCabaret Records CACD 4002-2
On My Way To You - Annette Sanders1995-05-31CDCabaret Records CACD 5016-2