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We Got Us - Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme1959LPABC Paramount
People To People - Original CastLPABC Paramount
Eydie in Love - Eydie GorméSound ClipsLPABC Paramount
Eydie Swings the Blues - Eydie GormeSound ClipsEPABC Paramount A-192
The Billy Taylor Trio Introduces Ira Sullivan - Billy Taylor Trio and Ira SullivanSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC 162
My Fair Lady Loves Jazz - Billy Taylor Trio & Quincy JonesLPABC Paramount ABC 177
There's A Man In My Life! - Annette WarrenSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC 183
Jamaica Jazz - Don Elliott Octet1958-03LPABC Paramount ABC 228
Georgie Auld Plays For Melancholy Babies - Georgie AuldSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC 287
Eydie Gorme on Stage - Eydie Gorme1959LPABC Paramount ABC 307
Dreamstreet - Erroll GarnerLPABC Paramount ABC 365
Diana - Paul AnkaSound Clips1962LPABC Paramount ABC 420
Marilyn Michaels - Marilyn Michaels1965LPABC Paramount ABC 533
Scott Free - Bobby ScottSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC-102
Special Delivery - Janet BraceSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC-116
At The London House - Billy TaylorSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC-134
Last Night When We Were Young - Art Farmer with the Quincy Jones OrchestraSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC-200
Free And Easy! - Jackie Cain and Roy KralSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC-207
In Hi-Fi: Volume Two - The Oscar Pettiford OrchestraSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC-227
In The Spotlight - Jackie Cain and Roy KralSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC-267
Sings Gentle Bossa Nova - Chris ConnorSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC-529
The Glory Of Love - Jackie Cain and Roy KralSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABC120
Jamaica Jazz - Don Elliott Octet1959-05LPABC Paramount ABCS 228
Dreamstreet - Erroll GarnerLPABC Paramount ABCS 365
Travelin' Light - Shirley HornSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABCS 538
Eydie Gorme on Stage - Eydie Gorme1959LPABC Paramount ABCS-307
Right Now! - The McGuire SistersSound ClipsLPABC Paramount ABCS-530
The Dangerous Christmas Of Red Riding Hood - Television Cast1965LPABC Paramount ABCS-536
Sings the Best of Disney - Bill Hayes45ABC Paramount B-194
In Hi-Fi - The Oscar Pettiford OrchestraSound Clips1978LPABC Paramount YW-8554-AB