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Something Wonderful - Yvonne KennySound Clips2008-01-29CDABC Classics
I Dreamed A Dream: Hit Songs From Broadway - VariousSound Clips2013-07-03CDABC Classics
Stars of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Present Hit Songs From The Musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - David Hobson & Rachael BeckSound Clips2013-05-14Audio FileABC Classics
From Broadway to La Scala - Greta Bradman, David Hobson, Lisa McCune & Teddy Tahu RhodesSound Clips2015CDABC Classics
From Broadway to La Scala - Greta Bradman, David Hobson, Lisa McCune & Teddy Tahu RhodesSound Clips2016-04-22DVDABC Classics
Gershwin & Me - Simon TedeschiSound Clips2012-11-13CDABC Classics
Gershwin: Take Two - Simon TedeschiSound Clips2014-11-11CDABC Classics
Live in Australia - Larry AdlerSound Clips2016-08-12CDABC Classics
Make Me a King - Paul CapsisSound Clips2010-07-09CDABC Classics
The Boy Castaways - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2013-11-08CDABC Classics
Patience - Australian OperaSound Clips2010DVDABC Classics
The Mikado - Opera AustraliaSound Clips2010DVDABC Classics
Tony Delroy Presents: Showstoppers - CompilationSound Clips20122-CDABC Classics
Johann Strauss Waltzes and Arias - Lorina GoreSound Clips2016-11-11CDABC Classics
Simple Gifts - Yvonne KennySound Clips2014-06-10CDABC Classics
Hansel and Gretel - Australian CastSound Clips1999-08-102-CDABC Classics
Dream Maker - Catherine HunterSound Clips2006-11-14CDABC Classics 1001346
This Girl - Rachael BeckSound Clips2014-03-07CDABC Classics 355998
Ballads of the Pleasant Life: Kurt Weill, Weimar and Exile - Peter Coleman-WrightSound Clips2017-05-19CDABC Classics 442876
Dahlesque - Elise McCannSound Clips2017-06-23CDABC Classics 453983
Make Believe: Classic Songs of Broadway - Yvonne KennySound Clips2005-02-07CDABC Classics 465 825-2
The Classic 100 Opera: Volume II - Various ArtistsSound Clips20064-CDABC Classics 476 9530
Just A Gigolo - Todd McKenney2005-07-18CDABC Classics 4767924
The Sopranos - Various ArtistsSound Clips2012-02-052-CDABC Classics 480 5996
The Gershwin Collection
Gershwin & Me - Simon Tedeschi
Gershwin: Take Two - Simon Tedeschi
Sound Clips2015-07-102-CDABC Classics 5025470
Woodlands - Simon Tedeschi & Kevin HuntSound Clips2010-10-12CDABC Classics 924138
The Best of Broadway: The American Musical
Broadway: The American Musical - Various Artists
Sound Clips2004-10-05CDABC Classics 986 3536
Emma Matthews in Monte Carlo - Emma MatthewsSound Clips2009-08-07CDABC Classics/Deutsche Grammophon 476 3555