style guide discussion (re: Evita promo video)

dlh wrote on December 7, 2019

May I question a few of the edits made to this recording and release? The edits were perfectly fine, but they overwrote what I thought was *slightly* more useful information about this recording.

Recording Title

The originally posted title was Solea Pfeiffer Performs "You Must Love Me" from Evita. This was edited to be just Evita.

There actually is a title card at the beginning of the video with the text "Solea Pfeiffer Performs 'You Must Love Me' from Evita", which suggests that might be something of an official title, chosen by the people who made it.

Additionally I think the longer title would have been more informative for a video of a single song. Looking at a list of the many Evita recordings, I might assume a recording titled "Evita" would contain the full score or at least a more diverse sampling from the score.

Recording Date

The originally posted date was 2019-11 (month known, exact date unknown). This was changed to 2019 (year known, month unknown).

Admittedly the fact that it was recorded in November was purely a guess. The casting notice said rehearsals began October 28. The video was published online on November 12, one day before the City Center production opened. It seems reasonable to assume the video was recorded closer to the end of the rehearsal period.


The label originally listed was That has subsequently been deleted; no label is currently listed.

While the concept of a record label doesn't extend perfectly to promo videos like this, did brand the video with their name both at the beginning and at the end and, judging from the credits, they appear to have produced and published it themselves. In the more traditional recorded music industry, a "record label" is a company name or brand name used to identify and market a release. It seemed reasonable and informative to extend that definition to "", though I can see why that would not be desired in the database as a matter of style.

Release Key Image

Originally the key image was this, which was taken from the high res version of the YouTube thumbnail image for the video. For something published on YouTube, I had supposed that was the closest you could get to a "cover" image. It's what appears in the YouTube/Google search results and it's what appears on other websites that embed the video through YouTube's standard link format.

A screenshot of the video's title card reading "Solea Pfeiffer Performs 'You Must Love Me' from Evita" was also originally uploaded, but that has been deleted.

Subsequently advertising art for the City Center production was uploaded and selected as the recording's key art. The advertising art doesn't actually appear in the video. This art seems relevant, but not as representative of the actual recording.


The above points are of very minor consequence and not worth a great deal of effort (belied by the amount of words typed here; apologies for that). But I wanted to point out the logic behind the original choices.

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