The Rocky Horror Show - 2008 German Cast Promotional Recording

JaneB wrote on September 3, 2009

Where did you get this? I am waiting so bad for a CD to be released.

stuartmprice wrote on July 23, 2011

And seeing as I'm on the thing, how do I get one?! I would kill to have a recording of this!!! We never made an official recording, so this would be perfect. Someone please send me it!!!

hitormiss wrote on July 24, 2011

It looks like the promotional tracks are archived at

rockycollector wrote on February 16, 2012

I am looking for an original copy of this! can anyone please help?

Jerome wrote on April 28, 2014

Please pay attention that the set of files that flows around the Internet (overall length 11:21) contains "The Time Warp" from the NBC recording with Raul Esparza while this promo actually contains "Time Warp (Playout)" that's only 0:51 long. The correct files can be found at the link provided by hitormiss above.

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