The Rainbow Troops - Original Hong Kong Cast

Sammas wrote on February 27, 2017

Adapted from Indonesian best-seller "Leskar Pelangi" (Translated: Rainbow Troopers), this musical is created by HK musical theatre veterans Rensen Chan and Frankie Ho with a book by Jo Ngai.

The production started with an idea from the couple Chan and Ngai after they have read the novel. Thinking it would be a good material for dramatization, the musical is eventually created and performed by local theatrical troupe Nonsense Makers, with Chan as director and Ngai performing a minor role in the musical.

Here's how the story goes: at the brim of being torn down, a local school in Indonesia eagerly hoped for recruiting adequate student to maintain its existence. With some last-minute addition, this free-for-all yet shabby, worn-out classroom continue with the mission to educate the children of the lower classes. While struggling to strive with limited funding, they also face threats from the coal-mining company and corrupted officials.

The original run lasted 3 days, for a total of 5 performances in HK. This original cast recording is produced by the composer Frankie Ho, which included 17 songs from the show.

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