The Firebrand of Florence - Demo

RenzoRienzi wrote on October 2, 2009

What happened to the original listing's participation of Harold Arlen in two demos: "Lunchtime Follies" and "A Star is Born"? And why is AndyW and hitormiss credited with information I provided in my original upload. Very confusing.

AndyW wrote on October 3, 2009

I'm credited because I added this to the database in February 2009 as 'Firebrand of Florence' demo etc with full track listing and cover scan. Your entry was actually a duplicate, though it highlighted different demos on the disc.

RenzoRienzi wrote on October 3, 2009

I see. Confusion started when I looked up the set's title, "Ira Gershwin Loves to Rhyme," which wasn't listed as being in the database, before I uploaded the set's complete information. I didn't know that "Firebrand" had been entered earlier.

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