The Count of Monte Cristo - 2008 English Concept Album

luvwicked wrote on October 17, 2008

I heard from Brandi Burkhardt that this concept recording was never done. Not sure if that's true or not. Any news?

FantasmadaOpera wrote on October 17, 2008

It will be released only in November, and probably it may not have been recorded YET, however it is official. Both Wildhorn and SoM confirm this. So, perhaps Brandi was either keeping suspence, or she was sacked out...dunno. Pre-sales are already beeing made though, so...

luvwicked wrote on October 30, 2008

Very interesting. Perhaps Brandi is lying for whatever reason. Or she was never recorded. Who knows?

luvwicked wrote on October 30, 2008

Just read SoM's says "December" strange how it's allegedly going to be in English but the title is not AND Brandi seems to be the only American name associated with the recording. Odd. So many questions related to this recording!

FantasmadaOpera wrote on October 30, 2008

Yeah the release date was postponed. Wich isn't a surprise concerning a Wildhorn Recording=P I also found weird that they had Brandi in it. The Cast is mainly german, and apparently choosed to sell well in Europe (ence joining Pia, Thomas and Jesper in one recording.) But they probably wanted to have an american girl also there to make the bridge for the USA. On the other hand, this Recording is still envolved in much suspence... but to be for pre-sale, it's cause it exists or will exist. On a worse scenario, it will end up like the Dracula Concept CD...=

FantasmadaOpera wrote on October 30, 2008

Oh and about the name thing That picture in SoM is still a ficticious cover SoM made using the Gallen poster wink

luvwicked wrote on November 26, 2008

I've heard from James Barbour's mouth that he's on this recording.

FantasmadaOpera wrote on November 27, 2008

Well James will be on the B'way workshop but I never heard of him being in this recording, and if he is, he will be in an ensemble role since Thomas Borchert plays the role of Edmund wink And I've seen Thomas recording the songs. The cast list in this Recording is the one given to SoM by Hitsquad Records who's producing the recording so...

luvwicked wrote on December 5, 2008

You're right, he's not play Edmund on the CD. However, he's playing a smaller role. He told me so himself. This should be a nice recording, whenever it's finally released.

FantasmadaOpera wrote on December 27, 2008

Well the CD is out and James Barbour is nowere in it. He isn't in the ensemble 'cause there's no ensemble in any of the songs. So if he said he was on the CD, I'm sorry to say it but he was lying. wink But its an amazing CD!

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