Sweeney Todd: Live in Concert - 2000 Concert Cast

blondheim wrote on August 9, 2020

My copy of this is an actual copy and not a CD-R. I have noticed that at the end of Ladies in Their Sensitivities, it cuts off the Judge's line after "Take me" there is no "to him" and it sounds like it cuts off half a second early. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this an error on all of the copies or do I have to buy another one?

sdrival wrote on August 20, 2020

My CD does not have this error. The Judge says "take me to him" and that line leads straight into the next track.

blondheim wrote on September 24, 2020

Thanks! It was the Musicbee program. It cuts off the last few seconds of tracks when you play CDs through the application. I was not aware. It is fine with lossless audio, just has trouble playing a disc from drive. In case anyone ever has the same issue.

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