Something's Afoot - 1984 TV Cast

dnp73 wrote on June 11, 2008

hello.... so I saw this on showtime when I was a kid and fell in love. I had a copy on video and it was destroyed in a fire many years ago,,,, I have been trying for years to get a hold of a copy and wondered if anyone can help me out. I happened on this web site and thought I would try here. thanks, Dale

gin wrote on September 10, 2008

I would love to get a copy or borrow a copy of Something's Afoot. I am in this musical and could really use the help of the audio especially for some of the challenging songs. Please help!

JustinCowan wrote on April 27, 2009

Hi there! My name is Justin, and I'm the Resident Music Director for The Schoolhouse Theater on Sanibel Island. A professional regional theater in SW Florida. Something's Afoot has been added to the Season for next year and I would LOVE to find a recording (CD, and or DVD) of this show. I'm so glad I found someone who may have it! If there is anything you can do to help me I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much for your time!

dramamama wrote on September 21, 2011

Would love a copy of this DVD - we are also performing this show and interested in the music portion of the DVD. Thanks,

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