Rudolf: The Last Kiss - 2005 Demo

shariose wrote on June 24, 2008

Hi, Can anyone help me? I cant find a recording if this anywhere.. Does anyone know where i can purchase one, or who is the distributor? Many thanx Rosie

libradude wrote on June 24, 2008

Hi, this is a noncommercial recording so you can't purchase it anywhere. Instead, try contacting one of the "collectors" on this site who own it. Hope that helps.

shariose wrote on June 25, 2008

thanx, how do i do that? Just send them a message? I'm not sure what i'm doing.. I just cant wait for a general release...Thanx for your help too, i really appreciate it

MlledeChagny18 wrote on January 8, 2017


You can find a link to it here:!KVQkGBCR!lPKBaGihvLe3iRs7RxOEa2S4vaEc6gYxdZtOqFvj3gM

Since it's noncommercial, I believe there's no problem in sharing it.

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