Rocky Horror Show - 2018 Icelandic Cast

TXTyler wrote on May 30, 2018

Where can this CD be bought? It seems that 12 Tónar will not be selling it. I’ve tried getting in contact with the theatre no no avail. My suggestions?

MusicalMania wrote on May 31, 2018

Itunes have it

TXTyler wrote on May 31, 2018

Thank you, MusicalMania! Just downloaded it after reading your response. I’m still looking for a physical copy, but I’m so excited to hear it!

severuspotter wrote on May 31, 2018

you can purchase a physical copy at the CD's publisher Alda:

TXTyler wrote on June 3, 2018

Thank you so much!!!

rockycollector wrote on March 21, 2019

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