Magdalena - 1988 London Studio Cast

FirstObserver wrote on February 18, 2019

I just tried (on February 18, 2019) to change the description of this recording from "London Studio Cast" to "Studio Cast." Perhaps it should be "New York Studio Cast." In any case, this recording features with most of the cast — all the principals except John Raitt, replaced by Jerry Hadley on the recording — of a New York concert, performed at Alice Tully Hall on November 23, 1987. The recording features the concert's conductor and orchestra. The recording was made in RCA's Studio A in New York in 1988. It says this on the back of the CD. So London should definitely be taken out of the description.

It would be helpful to have a place to write why we are submitting changes when we submit them. Sometimes I submit changes that seem to never get done, and I wonder if it's because the person who would put them through isn't sure I'm right. If there were a way I could provide documentation or backup, it would help. Of course, I can do what I'm doing here. Perhaps I should just do that more often. I've sort of stopped submitting changes, but maybe I'll do this from now on.

FirstObserver wrote on February 18, 2019

It would also be good if someone would edit the track list so that Judy Kaye was listed as Judy Kaye on all the tracks on which she is heard, instead of Judy Kay, as she is listed today (February 18, 2019). Also if the track 2 listing said Faith Easham instead of just Faith.

FirstObserver wrote on February 19, 2019

Thank you to the person who made these corrections. smile

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