Lolita, My Love - 1971 Boston Cast

sndtrx wrote on January 7, 2009

The cd was never released by Blue Pear

Recollector wrote on January 8, 2009

Thie CD that I have certainly gives no hint that it was released by Blue Pear, other than that the cover of the CD booklet seems to be the one on LP. IN ADDITION, the CD reissue that I have has three bonus tracks that are not listed--taken from a MediaSound EP.

SpeakLowMrWeill wrote on January 28, 2009

Does anyone know where one could find a copy of this show? I have been fruitless in my efforts thus far.

MONEYHAPENNY007 wrote on July 1, 2014

Hi John, Your post from 5 years ago, were you successful at all? I have the John Barry / Lerner demo cd's with Barry on piano and Lerner singing, very rare recordings, but not too sure where they originated from? Some nice nostalgic banter going on in between the songs. Also have the very rare Philadelphia Show recording though poor in quality it gives the listener some idea as to the songs missing from the Boston Blue Pear LP.

JCinRVA wrote on November 7, 2020

This new release is very exciting! Thank you Kritzerland!

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