Les Misérables: Bídníci - 2011 Czech Cast

Kosoun wrote on April 8, 2011

You can buy this CD here: http://www.mdb.cz/detail-zbozi-43/?id=212 But I'm afraid that's only for Czech residents.

You can try to write email, they are very nice and helpful: [email protected] (commercial manager) or to Petr Gazdik (main role Jean Valjean and musical supervisor) [email protected]

scottjm wrote on April 30, 2011

Hello. I e-mailed the two people you mentioned a couple of weeks ago, but haven't gotten a response. Should I be more patient, or do you have another suggestion? :)rn

lq930130 wrote on August 28, 2017

How and where can I buy this album? It's too hard to find one......

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