La botiga dels horrors - 1987 Original Barcelona Cast

TXTyler wrote on June 2, 2016

I've run into a curiosity regarding the recording from Barcelona. As the LP is quite rare, I received an MP3 version from a friend a few years ago. It was obviously taken from the vinyl release due to the sound quality. I just recently saw that it was available on iTunes, and I quickly purchased it to have a better quality recording (and to pay money where it was due). I noticed a few differences between the MP3 files and the iTunes file and decided to compare the two. The iTunes tracklist matches that on the back of the vinyl, but my MP3 version has some alternate takes and extra songs! Somewhere That's Green and Dentist are without a doubt different recordings. Also, the MP3 version includes Muschnik and Son, which is neither listed on the LP or the iTunes release. (This is pretty cool because it's the sole featured moment for the only female Mushnik on any recording). Does anyone have any info on this recording and it's different versions?

MusicalMania wrote on June 3, 2016

The tracks on both the LP and digital releases are exactly the same (I have both, the digital one bought from iTunes). The "extra tracks" that yopu refer to come from a version that has been floating about for a long while and was created by a collector/fan by adding tracks from a different source, possibly a soundboard, possibly from a compilation/concert recording.

TXTyler wrote on July 27, 2016

Thank you so much, MusicalMania! I thought it was strange that the tracks didn't match up. The quality on the soundboard/compilation isn't really that bad. Very interesting to hear something that many others don't get to hear, especially Mrs. Mushnik's track.

fshepinc wrote on February 20, 2017

Sorry for coming late to the party. I was looking at my copy of this recording, and I have a question about a missing track. The LP lists a song called Anima't as the first track of Side B which I don't seem to have, though I do have Mushnik i fill (Mushnik and Son) and Tinc Fam (Feed Me). What is the Anima't song?

TXTyler wrote on February 27, 2017

Anima't is the title of Tinc fam on the iTunes and LP releases. I'd have to dig out my external drive to verify if I also have Tinc fam (the same file that includes Mushnik i fill). I'm curious to know if it's the exact same track or an alternate take. I'm still shocked that such a short-lived production received alternate takes. I'd love to know the exact source of the tracks that are not included on the original LP and iTunes release.

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