Grover's Corners - Demo

retroman1 wrote on March 17, 2011

OK, I'm new here, and a little slow on the uptake. . . . help please.

I have been looking for "Grovers Corners" ever since I saw a production near Chicago some 30 years ago.

How can I get a copy of this demo recording?

Please advise.

AnthonyFremont wrote on August 5, 2011

Bump. Same question.

APR wrote on September 7, 2011

I'm wondering the same thing....also who has the production rights?

HomeSweetHeaven wrote on June 26, 2020

So, this demo was not officially produced for all that I know. It was only sold (slightly illegally) online from Footlight records. I have no idea who produced the cassette tape copy also listed here.

As with many shows, there is no way that I can think of to get these demo officially, since they are not released. However, the title song appears on the Jones & Schmidt Hidden Treasures collection.

HomeSweetHeaven wrote on June 26, 2020

In addition, I don't know who holds the rights. The production you most likely saw retroman1 was a "workshop staging' that J&S did to bypass Thornton Wilder's widow's refusal to grant them the rights to produce a full staged musical. However, once the workshop started playing a longer and longer run and people started buying and selling tickets by mass numbers, Wilder's widow forced the show to close as she believed they weren't keeping their word.

FirstObserver wrote on July 1, 2020

I would imagine that the production retroman1 saw was the full production that opened on July 29, 1987, at the Marriott Lincolnshire in Chicago, where it ran till (I think) October 11. This was not a workshop, and it was far from hidden. It was not only reviewed in the Chicago press, it was widely reported on in the press generally and reviewed in some other papers, including the Washington Post. Hardly secretive.

The workshop I know of was at Westbeth in New York. This was done with the full permission of the Wilder estate as a test for a Broadway production that it was hoped would follow later in the same season. This was all covered in the press at the time. If there was another secretive workshop after Jones and Schmidt lost the rights, I don't know of it.

Btw, Jones and Schmidt are not currently listed as performers on this recording. They should be. They both perform quite extensively on this recording. I'd add them but my corrections here have so rarely gone through that I no longer bother.

FirstObserver wrote on July 3, 2020

Thanks to my friend who has now added Jones and Schmidt as performers (since my attempts to make such changes rarely go through).

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