Great Gatsby - 2017 Korean Cast

ciao wrote on August 7, 2019

It's Japanese, not Korean.

ciao wrote on August 9, 2019

Again, this is JAPANESE! Not Korean! And the venue is Nissay Theatre, not Nissei, which is located in Tokyo. The show's English title has "The" in the front, you can even see it on the album cover. To be more accurate, it's Japanese Live Cast. At the bottom of the cover it says ハイライト・ライブ録音盤, meaning Highlight Live Recording, again, in Japanese!

Zelina wrote on August 12, 2019

I too submitted changes, so hopefully they accept the submission. Cause, yeah... that's all Japanese

ciao wrote on August 19, 2019

Just want to add that if my previous posts sound rude, I apologize. It's not towards Matt of course. It's a bit frustrating for the OCD part of me to see people adding content without double checking their source. The people involved, the record label, the venue, click on any of them and you would find out it's a Japanese production. I bet the website where he got the information in the first place even has ".jp" in the url, and still he chose to write down "Korean". I mean, thank you for contributing, but I'd appreciate correct information.

Rodolfo wrote on August 20, 2019

Updated. I understand your frustration (I've been there myself) and I apologize. Thanks for taking the time to submit corrections!

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