Face the Music - 2007 Encores Cast

Sammas wrote on August 31, 2007

A critic called this "The Best Musical in 2006-2007". Well, it is hard to say that if the comment is right or not, yet the musical produced in "Encores" really made a splash. With a cast lead by Lee Wilkof, Judy Kaye and Walter Bobbie, the musical created by Irving Berlina and Moss Hart shines again. The original production of this musical (though titled as "revue") ran for a then-healthy 165 performances, with no movies or video whatsoever and is quickly forgotten. Thanks to the directors of the "Encores" series, the musical is re-produced with new songs and arrangements. Some memorable tracks are here: "Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee", "Torch Song", "Soft Lights and Sweet Music", "I Say It's Spinach (and the Hell of it)", "I Don't Wanna be Married (I Just Wanna be Friend" and "Manhattan Madness". Some of which had already became a classic.

steffeng40 wrote on March 17, 2008

Does anyone know if there are plans for more Encores! releases? I think quite some titles are missing.

BklynCollector wrote on March 17, 2008

I would have loved to have a Purlie and an On a Clear Day from those performances.

steffeng40 wrote on March 22, 2008

My story with this recording is that I had no intention of buying it; but then I was in London and came into Dress Circle just when "The Police of New York" was playing, and that I could not walk away from. But I wish that companies would give up their stupid studio recordings and instead bring us the whole thing from live performance.

Rodolfo wrote on January 8, 2018

My copy of the album only has 19 tracks, instead of the 20 listen in the liner notes and on the inlay card ("Reisman's Doing a Show" and "Torch Song" are combined as track six). Is this the case with anyone else's copy, or some sort of anomoly?

pmwxyz wrote on January 13, 2018

Hi Rodolfo, My physical CD plays as yours does ("Reisman's ... " and "Torch" combined as track six.) The liner notes and inlay card, however, list 20 tracks (as seen in the back cover graphic). I would think that probably all contain this error, unless corrected later.

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