Elisabeth - 1999 Swedish Promo

TXTyler wrote on October 15, 2019

Is the audio quality really so muffled or is my copy just a bad file? Sounds absolutely dreadful. Would love to hear this with a bit more nuance.

gdcollection wrote on October 15, 2019

Yes, the audio quality is really that muffled. It's not just you. I thought maybe it was labeled wrong and really a demo when i first got it. Since some demo's have that same muffed sound. I was perplex at the poor quality for a promo.

TXTyler wrote on October 15, 2019

My thinking is that it somehow got into the public's hands and had been transferred around so much that the quality had gone down. Sad that we'll probably never hear a clean version of this. Thanks for clarifying, gdcollection.

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