Coco - Correct recording date?

FirstObserver wrote on November 10, 2020

Does anyone know what the source is for the info that's currently listed that the recording date was January 8, 1970? That was a Thursday, and so it's unlikely to be the recording date. Billboard reported that the recording was made on December 21, 1969. That was a Sunday, which makes sense.

stu wrote on November 10, 2020

January 8 1970 is listed as the date of recording in the liner notes of the 1997 CD.

FirstObserver wrote on November 10, 2020

Thanks, stu. I suspect that's wrong. It seems very unlikely that the recording was made on a Thursday. I'm guessing that might be the date on which it was released.

In the issue of Billboard dated January 10, 1970, it was said that the recording had been made on December 21. (An earlier article had said that it would be made on December 28.) In that same article in the issue dated January 10, 1970, it was said that the recording was being shipped to stores that week. Of course, that Billboard was on the street several days before the issue's date. There was a big ad for the recording in the New York Times dated January 13, 1970. This ad indicated that the recording was already in stores. Of course, back then cast recordings were sometimes in the stores less than a week after being recorded, but still I'm pretty sure in this case that the date of January 8, 1970, is a mistake and it was probably the date the recording was shipped.

Anyway, thanks again for the answer! I wondered if perhaps that date came from the CD booklet.

stu wrote on November 11, 2020

December 21 would make sense, being the traditional Sunday after opening. My liner notes also list January 26 as the date of original release. However, they also allude to Katharine Hepburn getting the very first release recalled and remixed, which probably confuses the dates even more.

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