Betty Blue Eyes - 2011 Demo

Archivist wrote on October 21, 2012

Are the recordings on the six-track demo (the one on DVD with the Palin-Smith film) a direct lift from the cast album - i.e., a sampler? - or is it a true demo with unique recordings?

Does the nine-track version use the same recordings as the six-track version (for the overlapping ones) and were the three extra tracks recorded for - but omitted from - the cast album?

Cast Album: Betty Blue Eyes [2011 Original London Cast]

Archivist wrote on October 21, 2012

Apologies for the multiple posts. I thought I was previewing and not publishing.

AndyW wrote on October 21, 2012

The cast album was recorded live over 5 performances. The promo/sampler came out before the show opened. These are studio tracks. The 9 tracks Evening Standard promo uses the same 6 tracks as the Telegraph promo with 3 extras. Again. the 3 further tracks were issued before the show so can never have been intended for the live cast album.

Archivist wrote on October 21, 2012

Thanks, AndyW!

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