Arrivederci Pittsburgh - 1964 Demo

FirstObserver wrote on June 29, 2020

I recently got a transfer of this. Most of the song titles in the tagging are different than the ones listed here. Are there titles on the acetates? In some cases, the song titles here seem more likely to be the correct ones. In other cases, the song titles on the transfer I received seem more likely to be correct. Is everyone just guessing? Anyone know?

FirstObserver wrote on June 29, 2020

The titles that were in the tagging for the files I received are the same as in Hummel. Somehow I had missed the listing there when I looked for it. I believe the titles in Hummel are correct. They seem much more likely to be the titles of the songs heard on the demo than the listed here. I suggest someone replace the ones here with the titles in Hummel. I would make the correction, except my corrections rarely go through so I don't bother any more.

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