Annie Get Your Gun - 1946 Original Broadway Cast

FirstObserver wrote on February 18, 2019

As of today — February 18, 2019 — and for some time now, the track list for the Decca Broadway CD issue of the original Broadway cast recording has listed track 4 thus:

4. There's No Business Like Show Business -- William O'Neal, Marty May, Ray Middleton, Ethel Merman

I have tried to find a way to correct this, but I cannot see any way to do so. Maybe I'm just dense. Anyway, anyone who listens to this recording must know that's not correct. Those people sang it in the production, but Decca chose to have it sung by some anonymous soloists and a chorus on the recording. Earlier issues of the recording listed it as being sung by the “Annie Get Your Gun Chorus.” I wouldn’t be sure that it really was the stage chorus. Anyway, it clearly is not sung by William O’Neal, Marty May, Ray Middleton and Ethel Merman. Well, there’s a soloist in there who might be Middleton, but I don’t think it’s him. I just wouldn’t swear it’s not.

Admittedly, the booklet and the back of the CD both list the number as being sung by William O'Neal, Marty May, Ray Middleton, Ethel Merman, but that is clearly a mistake. It would be good if someone who can correct this here would do so.

FirstObserver wrote on February 19, 2019

Thank you to the person who made the correction.

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