A Christmas Carol - 1954 TV Soundtrack

Recollector wrote on November 12, 2008

An interesting note re this Unicorn LP. Bruce Kimmel in his notes in the CD reissue indicates that there was "no promotional LP issued" of Herrmann A Christmas Carol score. There are at least 8 castalbums collectors that have the Unicorn LP which I have been searching for for at least 30 years. Is this a matter of semantics?

nick62 wrote on March 3, 2018

I recently had cause to investigate this recordings and it's various issues over the years. Recollector mentions the Unicorn LP and Bruce Kimmel's comment that there was no promotional LP issued. The Unicorn issue was not a promotional one but a bootleg disc issued in the '70s or '80's taken from the soundtrack and, so I have read, with a fake stereo effect that makes it sound awful. It was also mentioned that it may have been given the label name 'UNICORN' to make people think it was a legitimate issue from the real 'Unicorn' label that had released a number of Herrmann's works in the '70s. I further found reference on an internet site devoted to Bernard Herrmann to a 9-disc LP set titled 'Chrysler Shower of Stars' that included 'a Christmas Carol'. This set is actually listed in Steve Harris's discography 'Film, Television and Stage Music on Phonograph Records' (pub.1988) and given the series number : Chrysler RR-23070. However I can find no proof of it's existence and for all I know it might be a figment of someone's imagination!

nick62 wrote on January 30, 2020

Update to my 2018 Review. I am at the moment listening to RHS 850. I have to say that it not sound 'horrible' and there is no fake stereo, though there is some echo. In fact it sounds exactly like the CD so perhaps they do originate from the same source?

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