525600 Min. - 2008 K

lachris wrote on September 24, 2012

Can you delete this one, Matt? I added it thinking it had songs from the show, but it turns out it doesn't. It's just a pop album inspired by the show. Sorry for adding it.

lachris wrote on September 24, 2012

It reminds me that it's kind of like Jay-Z's version of Hard Knock Life: http://castalbums.org/recordings/Hard-Knock-Life-1998-Jay-Z/11220. They both incorporated the most famous part of the showtune into what are actually completely different songs. K's 525600 Min. has " what about love / what about love / seasons of love" part in it too. If Jay-Z's version qualifies as a studio recording of the show, then maybe this can make the cut too, so is the Popular Song by Mika (Pupolar from Wicked).

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