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6.0 What cast albums have recently been or will soon be released?

These lists were largely compiled from posts to the Cast Recordings mailing list by the wonderful Max Preeo. Release dates are subject to change, and many will do so. I've removed items which I don't consider particularly relevant to the topic of cast albums (that is, most film soundtracks, artist solo albums and DVDs).

Key to terms used: "New releases" have never been for sale in any format. "New to CD" albums have had previous vinyl and/or cassette releases. "Remastered" albums have been on CD but are now being issued in sonically superior versions (with extra tracks where specified). "Reissued" albums are generally of the least interest to collectors; I use this term simply to indicate that an out-of-print earlier release has been given another new print run with no sonic improvements, extra tracks or new packaging.

As in the rest of the site, I use OBC, OOBC and OLC to refer to original Broadway, off-Broadway and London cast albums, and BRev, OBRev and LRev to refer to Broadway, off-Broadway and London revivals.

6.1 Recent cast album releases

6.2 Cast albums scheduled for release in the near future:

  • Fall 2006: Loving Repeating Chicago cast (Jay, new release)
  • 12/5/2006: Summer of '42 concert (Jay, new release), Dreamgirls film (new release)
  • Note: The Dreamgirls film soundtrack will be released both in full (2 CDs) and as highlights (1 CD).

  • 12/11/2006: The Sound of Music LRev06 (Universal, new UK release)
  • 12/12/2006: Spring Awakening OBC (Decca Broadway, new release)
  • 1/9/2007: Cranks OLC, Plain and Fancy OLC, Summer Song OLC, Wild Grows the Heather OLC (Must Close Saturday, new to CD)
  • February 2007: A Little Midsummer Night's Music OOBC (PS Classics, new release)

6.3 Announced/floated but not scheduled:

Billy Rose's Jumbo studio (AEI, new release), Thunder Knocking on the Door OOBC (Blucello, new release), Dracula studio (DRG, new release), The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin OOBC, Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me OBC (Ghostlight, new release), Anyone Can Whistle studio, Busker Alley concert, One Touch of Venus studio, The Railway Children OLC (Jay, new release), Nine complete concert (Jay, new to US CD), Bang Goes the Meringue! OLC, The Buccaneer OLC, Come Spy With Me OLC, Conversation Piece studio, Lady May OLC, No Strings OLC, Plain and Fancy OLC (Must Close Saturday, new to CD), Anna Karenina studio, Fanny Hill studio, Georgy studio, Lovely Ladies - Kind Gentlemen studio (Original Cast, new release), Sweeney Todd OBC, Merrily We Roll Along OBC, Sunday in the Park with George OBC, Into the Woods OBC (Sony BMG Masterworks/Legacy, remastered with bonus tracks)

This section is composed of albums which have definitely been recorded (in many cases albums that were originally on LP) but whose release status is still undetermined.

Reissues of the four Sondheim cast albums have been in the works for years, but have suffered major delays behind the scenes.

Thunder Knocking on the Door was a big question mark for many months; when the show folded quickly, it was assumed by many that the announced recording had not been made until Drama Desk voters were sent review copies.

Jay's John Yap says that the current glut of Nine recordings on the market (the revival cast album and the expanded OBC reissue) and the poor economy will preclude a U.S. issue of the full-length Nine concert album for at least a couple of years. On the plus side, when it appears, it will reinstate concert cast member Elizabeth Sastre as Claudia, relegating Elaine Paige's version of "Unusual Way" to a bonus track. (When announced star Sarah Brightman pulled out of the concert, Sastre took over but was not permitted by RCA -- the label issuing the American highlights album -- to appear on the album, as they felt they needed a star of a certain caliber to market the release. Yap nonetheless recorded Sastre alongside Paige with a more faithful future release in mind.)

Further entries in Jay's series of studio recordings, already recorded or not, have been shelved pending economic recovery.

6.4 To Be Recorded:

Company BRev06 (Nonesuch), Fiddler on the Roof studio, People Like Us OOBC, Pleasures and Palaces studio, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers studio (Jay), Lolita - My Love studio, The Yearling studio (Original Cast)

This section is composed of most albums which have been announced but neither recorded (yet) nor given a release date. (Unrecorded albums with announced dates are on the schedule above.) The prospects for these shows are often extremely dubious, as shows close out of town very frequently and albums are difficult to coordinate under the best of circumstances.

6.5 Cancelled or postponed:

Spring is Here studio, Whoopee studio, Jubilee studio (PS Classics), Imaginary Friends OBC, The Fig Leaves Are Falling demos (Fynsworth Alley, By Jupiter OOBC (RCA Victor), Dance of the Vampires OBC (Interscope, new release), Strike Up the Band studio [1930 edition] (no label, recorded then shelved for commercial reasons), Annie Get Your Gun studio, (Columbia Broadway Masterworks, announced for CD release then cancelled), Man of La Mancha OLC (Decca Broadway), Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah OOBC (Jerome), Lestat (Mercury)

This section is composed of albums which were announced for recordings and/or releases that never happened and do not appear likely to happen in the near future.

Lestat has been put on hold for unknown reasons, perhaps similar to those which delayed The Capeman. It was, however, recorded, so there will likely be a public release at some point.

PS Classics Inc. was unable to raise the funds necessary to record Jubilee and shelved it. The nonprofit label's subsequent closure (the for-profit label of the same name remains open and will take over the nonprofit's catalogue) means that the project is effectively dead for the time being. Spring is Here was originally scheduled to be recorded with piano accompaniment for release in April of 2003, then postponed upon discovery of more complete orchestrations; sadly, this project is also dead.

The quick closing of Dance of the Vampires ended tentative plans for a cast album (though Interscope's deal was in fact for a concept album). Similarly, Imaginary Friends was not successful enough to have its few songs recorded despite an announcement that DRG would do it.

The London cast album of Man of La Mancha turned out to have contract problems akin to those of the long-delayed Fade Out, Fade In and Baker Street (in this case, the need for approval by composer Mitch Leigh). It may still appear, but it will probably take some time.

The embezzlement conviction of John Jerome appears to mean the end of Jerome Records and its unfinished projects. Though some cabaret albums have found other homes at Fynsworth Alley, 2die4 music or other labels, Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah is probably dead.

After Bill Rosenfield left RCA Victor, the label cancelled the reissue of By Jupiter that it had planned to coincide with the Richard Rodgers centennary.

The release dates for Original Cast albums are generally sketchy -- Bruce Yeko assures me that the production of CD booklets is the factor most likely to delay albums, given that it is largely out of his control. The albums are, however, well worth waiting for (as evidenced by a very charming Breakfast at Tiffany's). Original Cast distributes several smaller labels (Bayview, Harbinger, and First Night), and those releases tend to hew closer to their announced dates.

Spend, Spend, Spend can now be ordered exclusively through Dress Circle. They own the only existing unsold copies of this album, which was only sold through theaters and through a company which no longer exists. (Thanks to Jonathan Cash for the tip.)

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