Jay Records previews track from ANYONE CAN WHISTLE

Recording CoverIt's a miracle! Jay Records has posted a preview track of Everyone Says Don't from the long awaited studio cast recording of Anyone Can Whistle, featuring John Barrowman, Maria Friedman, and Julia McKenzie.

Recorded back in the late 90s, I had given up hope of it ever seeing the light of day. However, according to producer John Yap, the recording "is in line to be completed and released, behind several other recordings," so no release date is announced of yet.


ciao wrote on July 4, 2013

Miracle indeed!

AAAJockBoy wrote on July 12, 2013

Why is this show such the big deal? I mean I know all about the show and it's history, and I have a a few soundboard recordings of the show, but the original cast did a studio recording. I guess that it's not as nice as the sound you can get in a studio these days, but it's still a decent cast recording.

Considering there are so many shows that I would love any decent singers to go into a studio and record an album that no one has heard, is a shame. Cry Baby should have been recorded. I have the demo but its not the same. (although unlike many its a decent demo)

I would think that it would be in the interest of licensing companies like MTI to record cast albums that don't have one. Interest in a show outside of the geeks and New York is based on if people have heard the cast album. I mean how many people actually have seen a fully staged production of CHESS but the following is HUGE because people know the songs.

Or a show like Ruthless is only known by the Los Angeles Cast recording that the off Broadway cast (with Britney Spears as understudy) is not really known. Although Joan Ryan is amazing as Judy Denmark.

MrTurnstiles wrote on April 1, 2014

Haha, there's a link to Sound Cloud's "Cookie Policy." How appropriate.

TXTyler wrote on March 2, 2020

John Yap posted pictures of newly mixed masters and the musical score on Facebook recently. Looks like it’s happening, and I’m over the moon.

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